the conversation with Carl

To new clients when they first appear, problems dominate their lives and seem endlessly complicated.  Such mental overload (leading for example to rage, fear, helplessness and depression) leads to dead ends.  Altering the perspective (“reframing”) and strengthening strengths bring clarity and a refreshing surge in willingness to tackle the issue.  My longstanding exposure to such matters allows me to suggest simple ways out of this seemingly endless circling.

Having been a Dipl.-Psychologist, Coach, Supervisor and Mediator for over 45 years has taught me that simply giving up is seldom the best option.  So let’s get together and talk – you and I!

In this personal exchange, we will impartially and quickly analyze your momentary situation.  I will listen to you attentively.  I will present practically implementable alternatives.  I will be at your side as your reliable sparring partner when you get stuck.  Thus you will once again live your strengths!