moving from understanding to action

Some of life’s events are a real knock-out: loss of job, marriage crisis, depression, or tackling the next rung on the career ladder.  Situations like these can easily provoke overwhelming confusion, leading to helplessness and fear.

With SYSTEMICS™ NeuroCoaching, I can support you (or your significant others) in existential moments such as these.  My innovative method focuses on influencing your own brain-derived self-regulation that brings you back into a new and improved equilibrium.  Your brain returns to a healthy and well-performing state that enjoys resolving issues that confront you and your surroundings – if you “stay in shape”.  My illustrations illuminate your process, and you can follow your development using my mathematical formulas.

NeuroCoaching is conceived for individuals and small groups in the business as well as in the private sector.  The goal always remains the same: making decisions with an emotionally balanced brain, which will enhance reaching your goals with ease.

I outline two examples and my three-phase approach here.