Human interactions – be they within a corporation or in private – are never free of conflict.  Misunderstandings, inconsequential decisions or insufficient communication can easily lead to an unforeseen crisis, which can unintentionally usher in emotional burdens and – in the long-term – damage.

With SYSTEMICS™ NeuroMediation, you and I aligned will alleviate conflicts and support the rebuilding of trustworthy relationships.  The initial step is, of course, the opponent’s point of dispute.  The specifics of my neurobiological approach require that each party thinks its way into its opposer.  My illustrations illuminate the participants’ processes, and they can follow their developments using my mathematical formulas.

In three to five days, I will develop organizationally tried, tested and proven processes (re. feelings, thoughts and actions) with the involved parties.   Your business and/or private culture will undergo a significant and sustainably positive transformation.

I outline two examples and my three-phase approach here.